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G·LEM Fashion School

"A brand made by women, for women, that strives to help ALL women"

G·LEM Fashion School

Mbarara. Taller Escuela de Margaret y Judith

THE PROJECT: The G·LEM mission

Mbarara, mayo 2019. En medio de todo el caos propio de una ciudad ugandesa, encontramos el taller-escuela de Margaret y Judith. Pequeño, muy pequeño, tanto que las niñas que asisten diariamente a las clases de costura dan las clases desde fuera, en los pasillos. Una conexión pura, humana, que culminó meses después con la fabricación de Butare Capsule.

G·LEM Fashion School

G·LEM is a sustainable clothing brand, built with purpose and fueld by a passion for paying it forward. The clothing we create forms part of a grander mission to empower local Ugandan youth with the skills they need to start their own business and become self-sufficient. How? Through the G·LEM Fashion School, a project we began with Margaret and Judith when, as if by destiny, the space adjacent to their original studio opened up. We donate 10% of the revenue from our collections to the school. After one short year, there are alrready 19 young women enrolled in classes, and we've only just begun. Thank you for taking part in our mission - we could not do any of it without you.


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